Fikir Evi Derneği is a non-profit organization established by a group of students from The University of Kahramanmaraş and started its activities in 2016. 
Fikir Evi Derneği aims to educate the youth culturally and is also focuses on teaching them the necessary skills to enhance productivity, to think better and to smooth the transition from education to working life.

Work done for Fikir Evi Dernegi includes (Freelancing):
Complete LOGO design and visual-image work.
Promotional Material.

Wa Mahyay Project:
In the summer of 2016 we planned a 3 month summer camp for Palestinian high school students that are wishing to continue their studies in Turkey, with activities aiming to get them closer to the Turkish culture and allowing them to get a good grasp of Turkish language
Vocabulary and Grammar. 
We also planned a month-long tour to a number of Turkish cities like Trabzon and Istanbul after completing the camp's educational objectives.
My job primarily consisted of preparing marketing material (Text - Graphics) and scheduling the camp activities then proceeding to carry on with set procedures and making sure that everything is going smoothly during the camp.

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